What Your Favorite ‘Friends’ Character Says About You

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Whether it’s Rachel’s shopping addiction or Joey’s love for food, we can relate to all of the Friends characters in some way – but what does your favorite member of Manhattan’s funniest friend group say about you? We have some ideas.

Rachel Green

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You like the finer things in life and were probably voted “best dressed” in your high school class. You’re ambitious and independent, but you’re also simultaneously terrified of graduating and having to learn to be a grown-up. (Adulting? What’s that?) You’ve been on many a Tinder date and tend to prefer the hook-up side of dating instead of long-term commitment.

Ross Geller

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Chances are good you’re a science or math major – you’re a passionate nerd and proud of it. You’re super smart, but perhaps a little lacking when it comes to common sense. Sure you have your weird quirks, but that’s why your friends love you. You’re also a hopeless romantic. Your search for “the one” has probably resulted in a lot of relationship drama, and you’re known as the serial monogamist/Taylor Swift of your friend group.

Chandler Bing

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You could be sobbing and having a complete mental breakdown, but still manage to crack a joke. When life gets rough, you handle it with your hilarious, sarcastic sense of humor. While you tend to use humor as a defense mechanism, you’re really just a super sensitive softie on the inside – but only your closest friends and S/O know that. Shhh.

Monica Geller

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The three loves of your life are cleaning, being in control and Pinterest, in that order. You get hives just walking into your messy bestie’s apartment and always have a plan. You act as the mom of your friend group, and are always the one taking care of that friend that’s had a little too much to drink on Friday night.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Friends TV Show Gif Netflix Funny

You identify as a free spirit and are probably majoring in English, Studio Art or Sociology. Your friends think you’re hilarious, but you have no idea why – you never actually intend to be funny – it sort of just happens. You shop regularly at thrift stores, probably own some kind of record player and love to knit.

Joey Tribbiani

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You’re super gorgeous and have absolutely no problem finding a hook-up when you and your friends go out – you’re a huge flirt. You’ve never met a pizza or Chipotle burrito you didn’t like, and are perfectly content to spend Saturday night with Netflix and a large pizza for one. Your friends probably always make fun of you for your “easy” major.


Janice Friends TV Show Netflix Gif Funny

Just kidding, Janice is no one’s favorite character. (That laugh though. *Shudders*)

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