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This 5-Year-Old Beauty Blogger Is Probably Better At Makeup Than I Am


Younger beauty bloggers keep popping up on the internet and by younger I mean even as little as five years old. Charli Rose, a model for Gap Kids, has a YouTube channel to showcase her abilities, which are shockingly amazing for a five-year-old.


If you thought she was cool for having a YouTube channel, she also has an Instagram that you can follow here. Long gone are the days when middle schoolers had to beg to their parents to let them make a Myspace page, elementary schoolers now have multiple social media accounts.

Charli made a tutorial to show off new Tarte Cosmetics products.

My fifth-grade self, who had no more than a Claire’s four-shade eyeshadow palette the color of dirt, is extremely jealous. But I will instead applaud Charli for having a pretty good mastering of the fundamentals of makeup at such a young age. You slay that highlighter girl.

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