Please Don’t Break Up Over Mario Badescu Facial Mist

Many skincare lovers out there can never get enough of the beauty goodies, admit it. We constantly buy skincare products because they smell amazing, feel great on our skin and their results are promising. We also talk and talk about beauty brands like they’re actual people to other skincare addicts. Don’t get me wrong, talking about Mario Badescu sounds like we’re talking about a human being.

As for one of the best and super affordable skincare brands out there, Mario Badescu provides top-quality products from their best-selling Drying Lotion to their Rose Facial Spray (also comes in cucumber). For a brand this awesome, we can’t help but brag about it. And sometimes, for people unaware of the brand, Mario Badescu can be mistaken for a person. Well, this boyfriend thought wrong, to say the least.

“Who tf is Mario Badescu?” the sender of the text asks. “Actually don’t answer. I hope he makes you happy.”

This person was not happy. We can’t help but laugh at his ignorance.

Even though the full conversation and those involved are unknown, someone didn’t consider Googling Mario Badescu before jumping to conclusions about the unfamiliar name. As hilarious as it sounds, the skincare brand almost broke up this couple when this boyfriend thought his partner was cheating on him with Mario.

For all you skincare addicts, please educate your boyfriends.

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