Man Gets Run Over By Deer, Nobody Believes Him

We’ve all have that one friend who takes pride in their pranks for April Fool’s Day. Naturally, in the hopes of avoiding and preparing for any foolery being thrown your way, you most likely decided not to believe anything ridiculous or out of the ordinary for the entire day of April 1. Unfortunately for 25-year-old Cary McCook, the most outrageous thing happened to him on April Fool’s Day and of course, his friends didn’t believe him.

Cary had just been dropped off at a local inn by a coworker after his shift at work when he was randomly run over by something moving at an extremely high rate of speed. When Cary realized it was a large galloping deer who ran him over, he couldn’t believe it. The deer continued on its path and Cary was left stunned.

Family and friends refused to believe Cary had actually been run over by a deer. Then video footage from the inn was released.

Since the run-in, people have taken to calling Cary numerous nicknames, including “deer whisperer” and “dances with deer.”

“It is an unfortunate situation,” Cary told CBC. “I’m glad I’m OK and everything. But that’s the thing, I’m perfectly fine. So just to break that situation and put it into a positive one where everyone just has a good laugh about it — now that’s the dream. The deer is OK. I’m OK. All of us are good.”

Oh, deer. We’re happy Cary is safe… Now we don’t have any guilt in cracking up at the video.

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