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Governor Faces Impeachment After Being Caught Sexting Former Colleague


If you thought your week was bad, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley probably has you beat by a landslide.

This politician could be facing impeachment and is expected to resign by Wednesday. The reason? Investigations point towards him having an affair with a former colleague and his cringe-worthy sexts are the prime evidence in the case. He is also charged with allegedly using government funds to cover up the scandal. The report was released on Friday.

Although the affair is coming to light now, Bentley’s fling with former senior political adviser Rebekah Mason was exposed in 2016. His wife found out a few months prior and filed for divorce. Bentley did quite a few things to cover up his scandal and protect his position. For example, he used his bodyguard and law enforcement to keep people quiet. Even worse, he allegedly asked his bodyguard to break up with Mason for him multiple times.

Come on, Governor. If you can handle office, you can handle breaking up with someone yourself.

The sexts between Bentley and Mason in question were included in the report. Apparently, it wasn’t even hard to get the evidence. According to the report:

Ms. Bentley was able to read text messages sent by her husband to Mason because he had given Ms. Bentley his state-issued iPad, not understanding that it shared the same ‘cloud’ as his state-issued iPhone and granted equal access to all message functions. It was through such text messages that other members of the Bentley family first learned of the affair.

I know the older generation still struggles with technology sometimes, but the way he was caught felt so anticlimactic. I don’t think the Governor even tried to hide the affair. Mason at least made some attempt at secrecy by urging Bentley to use a private cell phone for their affair, but the Governor wasn’t worried at all.

On one occasion, Bentley accidentally texted his wife, Dianne, “I love you Rebekah.” His attempt at back pedaling with the rose emoji is as funny as it is painful. Dianne struck back with “Thanks for putting name in,” but I’m not sure if Bentley noticed her implication. He was probably too busy texting Mason back.

Despite being told by friends and family to end his affair with Mason, the Governor kept denying any sort of relationship with the senior political adviser. Spencer Collier, head of Alabama Law Enforcement and friend of Bentley, finally revealed the affair to the press and Dianne brought the texts as evidence to a lawyer.

If you want to see more of the cringe-worthy texts, has all the texts that Dianne Bentley captured using her iPad, which was connected to his iPhone.

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