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Man Installs ‘Relationship Saving Stations’ At IKEA



Furniture shopping is hard enough by yourself. Bringing your partner into the mix? That’s a fight waiting to happen. IKEA is notorious for pissing us off, from their confusing layout to their complicated assembly instructions. One minute you’re admiring the layout and design of a living room, the next you’re fighting over which kitchen tile goes better with the granite counter-top you just ordered. I wonder how many breakups happen in IKEA…

One man decided to change that and make shopping a little more fun. Say hello to Jeff Wysaski, a comedian notorious for sneaking fake signs into stores and the owner of the website Pleated-Jeans. He’s made new sections at bookstores and left fake animal facts at zoos. Now, he’s made IKEA his next target with his latest scheme: Relationship Saving Stations.

It’s genius and I honestly wish IKEA would endorse it. The Relationship Saving Station is made up of five ways to tone down the stress while shopping with a loved one.

You can check out more of his shenanigans by following him on Twitter or taking a look at his website.

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