NYU Acceptance Rate 2017: Statistics & Must-See Details





Each year, the NYU admissions committee reads through thousands of applications for its campuses in New York, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi – this year admissions read 67,000 applications, a 6% jump from last year and a 96% increase over 10 years ago.

“It’s an astonishing number of students to apply to any university; at NYU, our sense is that the combination of a world-class education in a world-class city fuels a draw to NYU like no other,” Shawn Abbott, Dean of Admissions said in a statement.

“It’s a testament to the vision of our founders that the new sort of university they sought to create in 1831 – in and of the city, more accessible, focused using learning to engage the world – is still so appealing. Clearly, today’s students understand more than ever how NYU’s combination of a demanding education in a diverse, urban setting with unrivaled global opportunities will enable them to succeed in the 21st century and be involved in shaping the world in a successful, positive way.”

NYU recently sent out 18,520 acceptance letters, making its 2017 acceptance rate (27%) the lowest it’s been in at least 16 years. According to NYU’s website, the school is projecting a freshman class of 6,500 for fall 2017 across all of its campuses.

Quick Facts About NYU

  • New York University was founded in 1831.
  • NYU has the highest number of international students of any school in the United States. In fact, 19% of NYU’s Class of 2018 are non-US citizens.
  • NYU houses the fastest computer in New York City and the 117th fastest supercomputer in the world!
  • In 2000, NYU’s College of Dentistry started “Smiling Faces, Going Places,” which was the very first on-wheels dentistry facility in the state.
  • The school color choice, violet, is a mystery. Though, some believe it’s because of the abundant amount of violets that grow in Washington Square Park.
  • The school’s original mascot was a flower.
  • The Bobcat, however, is named after the Bobst Library Card Catalog – the “Bobst Cat.”
  • Speaking of Bobst, NYU libraries hold more than 4.5 million books across campus.
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