These Full Body Peel Off Mask Videos Will Seriously Haunt You

Full Body Charcoal Peel Off Mask


Face masks are the essence of luxury skincare and they come in a wide variety of options for your skin type. From clay to peel-off, facial masks can detox, hydrate, or exfoliate the skin all while leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. At least once a week you should treat yourself to a face mask to get rid of any excess oils and dirt. But sometimes, we can get a bit out of hand with these products.

Lately, it’s been getting out of hand with this insane challenge that people across the beauty side of YouTube are partaking in. Be warned, these videos will make you squirm and wince for these beauty vloggers.

The challenge consists of lathering peel-off charcoal masks all over the body, removing them once dry and then hoping to see if it has done any good to the body in terms of cleansing. It’s quite obvious that the facial skin is different from the skin on our bodies, therefore, applying the charcoal mask to the body can cause a different result — especially for those who have a great about of peach fuzz on your bodies. The result is painfully obvious.

Shockingly, some beauty vloggers have made it through the challenge without yelping from their high tolerance to pain. Others have basically given themselves a full-body waxing session while red-faced and screaming. At least their skin is silky smooth after that challenge, but I won’t be testing it out.

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