Did Someone Hack Harry Styles’ Twitter Account?

Since his split from One Direction’s talent agency Model Management, Harry Styles hasn’t been able to keep out of the spotlight.

Tuesday night, Styles reportedly tweeted (and quickly deleted) two photos of 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson, captioned “then and now.” The two side-by-side images depicted Tomlinson sipping on an iced coffee. The post was also accompanied by the link, “G://www.smartur.it/ye.”

According to NME, the link posted pointed to pornography and a fan fiction romance between him and Tomlinson.

Followers immediately noticed the strangeness of the tweet and began taking screenshots to discuss with other 1D fans via Twitter.

Confused, fans countered one another’s theories with a flood of tweets.

“Do you really think Harry would come out of the blue during SNL rehearsals to tweet a picture of Louis when he never even tweets?” Twitter user @cryingjensen wrote.

While some users agreed that the tweet was proof that #LarryStylinson is indeed a thing that’s happening.

Tomlinson commented on the #Larry romance in 2012, writing, “@skyleridk How this, Larry is the biggest load of bullsh*t I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.”

It’s widely believed that Styles’ account was hacked, as he is currently working in New York City to promote his newest single “Sign of the Times.”

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