Heidi Montag Is Pregnant With Baby Speidi







It’s official: Heidi Pratt (nee Montag) and Spencer Pratt are going to have a baby.

The infamous reality TV duo, most well-known for their world-changing roles on MTV’s The Hills, announced their big news to Us Weekly, telling the mag that they were super excited to welcome their first child together.

Spencer said that as he noticed Heidi glowing with joy, he assumed she was surprising him with muffins or banana bread, but instead she broke the news of a different kind of bun in the oven. He said his reaction was pure excitement. “I was like, ‘Whoa! That’s way more exciting than banana bread.'” Very true, Spencer, very true.

The pair has been married since 2009, meeting during their time on television and facing the wrath of Lauren Conrad. Since the end of The Hills, they’ve made several more appearances on big-name shows, including I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Wife Swap.

Coincidentally, Conrad is also pregnant with her first child, which she has documented on her lifestyle website and her social media accounts. There’s no word on her reaction to the news, but in typical LC fashion, it will most likely be very muted and pastel with a clothing line… in public. Privately, she will possibly sit in her impeccably decorated California home with the lights off and repeatedly scream:

We can’t wait to see what Spencer and Heidi name their baby and what they’re like as parents. Hopefully, they’ll name their child Crystal, after Spencer’s favorite pastime.

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