Bring On The Nostalgia, Tamagotchis Are Back

Prepare to never get your work done again. Tamagotchis are returning and I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a product since the release of the Nintendo DS. These tiny games were the bane of every teacher’s existence and the reason why kids got up in the morning. And now, after disappearing for about 10 years, they are being relaunched by Japanese toymaker Bandai.

The original Tamagotchi taught ’90s kids the harsh reality of taking care of a pet without having to worry about an actual living creature dying. If you went too long without paying attention to your Tamagotchi, it would die. If you went too long without cleaning up its poop, it would die. If you didn’t feed it…. You guessed it! It would die. They were somehow stressful, fun and addictive at the same time in one small package.

Speaking of, the only difference between this new release and the ’90s toy is the size. This updated model has been made in half the size of the original which only means it’ll be easier to hide under your desk just like you did as a kid.

For anyone who has been looking to purchase one over the years, you no longer have to worry about dropping $100 bucks on Amazon. The new release includes the six original colors, available for purchase either in Japan or via Amazon Japan for $17.

Hopefully the younger generation gets as addicted to these virtual pets as much as us ’90s kids did. Are you going to purchase a Tamagotchi?

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