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Nothing is worse to a college student than their favorite binge-watching show getting removed from Netflix. Too many good shows have been removed in the past couple of months and it only seems to be getting worse. It’s already been announced that Scrubs is being taken off in May and that might be the last straw for many Netflix viewers. Many have already started switching over to Hulu once it was announced that Netflix was unable to resign their contract with Fox.

Here are 10 shows that we miss bingeing. These need to be brought back ASAP.

1. Bob’s Burgers

Why did Netflix have to do this to us? Bob’s Burgers is easily one of the best shows on TV right now and I know I was waiting for the new season to be uploaded to Netflix so I could catch up. Currently, seasons one and two are still up, but they are being removed in May. Not cool Netflix, not cool.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

KUWTK was the perfect show to watch when you needed a laugh and to put your own life into perspective. Now that it’s gone, what are you supposed to watch to feel better? Also, the Netflix screenshots were the perfect reaction images, but we’ve lost those now too. Thanks, Obama.

3. Firefly

A 14-episode cult classic, Firefly was one of the best shows to binge because it only took a couple of days. Firefly may have ended over a decade ago but their fans are still dedicated. Plus, it was fun to see young Nathan Fillion before he became famous.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Another Fox series that has a cult following, Buffy the Vampire Slayer just had their huge reunion and Netflix decided to celebrate it by removing it. Not only is the original series gone but so is its spin-off show Angel. How else are kids today supposed to learn about one of the best series of the ’90s?

5. Chopped

One of the best shows to just have on in the background was recently removed and I’m still salty about it. Chopped is so addicting and it’s so easy to just watch episode after episode. It was always so satisfying to watch the arrogant cook get chopped first. Now that it’s gone, how will I learn about obscure ways to cook broccoli.

6. Cutthroat Kitchen

Just like Chopped, this series was perfect to just sit down, relax and watch. There was something so calming about watching other people be forced to do stupid things while trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich. It made me feel better about my own cooking skills. All of the Food Network series have been removed and honestly, it’s just disappointing.

7. Doctor Who

This one made fans super mad. Doctor Who may be a British series, but their fanbase is still crazily large in the United States. When Netflix announced they weren’t renewing their contract for this series, petitions hit social media immediately. But sadly, they did no good. Too bad we don’t actually have the Doctor around to go back in time and make sure it doesn’t get removed for us.

8. Property Brothers

Attractive and aesthetically adept, Property Brothers was one of my favorite shows to watch. It made me feel like I was an actual adult watching couples pick out houses, furniture and getting a renovation. Now I’m just reminded that I live in a boring dorm and I’m not allowed to paint the walls or make any drastic changes. Sigh.

9. Psych

My friend actually called me in tears when they announced that this show was being removed. A founding part of our friendship was this series and we would watch the show together when we got back from school during breaks. Plus, it was a great show to watch when you needed an emotional pick-me-up. There’s no other series on Netflix right now that has a friendship like Shawn and Gus.

10. Saturday Night Live

Though the full series was never on, it was nice to have part of it while it lasted. SNL was great to throw on in the background during parties or to just watch when you needed a quick laugh. Now, none of Saturday Night Live is on Netflix and it’s a total bummer. Netflix needs to get their act together and stop allowing shows we want to watch to leave.

Do you agree with our list? Go off in the comments.

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