Relive Your Childhood With These Magical Sailor Moon Highlighters

Beauty brands are always coming up with unique and super creative makeup products to test out. The product that most brands love playing around with is highlighter. I have to admit, I’m definitely addicted to any good highlighter as long as it can make me shine as bright as the moon.

Speaking of the moon, Tooth and Nail Cosmetics has created a dazzling Sailor Moon highlighter collection that will give you the ultimate cosmic powers and help you discover which Sailor Moon character you are. Beauty bloggers won’t stop talking about these highlighters and it’s not just because of their adorable packaging. They also feature some blinding pigmentation.

There are four shades to choose from in the collection, each named after a few of your favorite characters from the action/romance-filled anime series. The packaging on these hightlighers features adorable illustrations of the characters in the show. Artemis is a vanilla white highlighter that reflects gold, Mini Moon is a pink tone with an intense violet glow, Diana is a violet shade that also reflects a gorgeous gold tone and Luna is a stunning violet with a hint of silver for a glistening look.

Even though the highlighters are $14 individually and sold out, the bundle for all four shades is still available on their website for $40, which is an amazing price for four highly-pigmented highlighters. Also, these products are cruelty-free, which makes these highlighters seriously worth buying and transforming into your inner Sailor Moon.

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