This ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Inspired Lorac Collection Is Literally Treasure

After waiting in anticipation, you pirate-beauty (not booty!) lovers are going to be absolutely obsessed with this. Cosmetics brand Lorac just released an epic collection inspired by the film Pirates of the Caribbean. As of yesterday, the brand made the collaboration available to pre-order exclusively on their website. We can’t promise you that it’ll last long on the shelves, so grab these items ASAP.

Disney and Lorac teamed up and created an amazing collection celebrating the franchise’s newest film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. If you’re aiming for that iconic Jack Sparrow smokey eye look, this set is exactly what you need to achieve the look.

According to Allure, the collection hits stores in May, just in time for the film’s release, May 26.

The collection includes a breathtaking eyeshadow palette, which is designed with a gilt compass as the cover, referring to Sparrow’s own navigational tool. Once you open it, you’ll see 18 different tones and shades with everything from pale neutral to grungy greys and browns and a radiant blue to stand out on your lids. The eyeshadows are definitely an everyday-wear and if you truly want Sparrow’s look, smudge a bit of eyeliner for that extra detail.

The collaboration also includes a cheek palette and to make things interesting, you can slide both the cheek and eye pallet into the eyeshadow packaging, like discovering hidden treasure of eyeshadows, blush, highlight and bronzer all in one. Allure also mentions that Kaya Scodelario’s character, astronomer Carina Smyth, inspired a few colors, including a shimmery champagne shade that will shine as bright as sunlight.

You can also grab six different lip duos that are super-wearable. It includes a creamy lipstick and a shimmering holographic gloss topper. The shade that has everyone literally shook is the lip cream duo in shade Ahoy Matey, which is a beautiful azure blue. Your lips will be as glowy as the sun reflecting off the blue sea.

Time to pre-order this collab, because I wouldn’t want any pirates snagging the last of my precious loot.

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