Little Girl Rants About Her First Time Flirting, Is All Of Us

Growing up is rough, and flirting with our crushes doesn’t make it in any easier. Ella, the girl in this video, learns this lesson as she recounts to her mother in the car the details of her very first time flirting. Her mom, Rachelle Coriddi, posted the video on YouTube last week and captioned, “Little Ella describes her first ever flirtatious fail!! And it’s EPIC!”

The convo begins calmly before Ella remembers the painful details and starts ranting about her crush, John. When asked if John likes her back, Ella replies that he said, “50/50.” Coriddi says, “That means you’ve got to work on that other 50 percent.” No, Ella, it means you have to find someone who says 110% and don’t try to convince anyone otherwise.

Ella talks about the hints she’s been dropping, “I dress cute! I smile at him! I even winked at him – two times!” She continues, “And all I get back is one – ONE – fake smile!” She laughs through her pain, “Why is my life so miserable? I’m trying, and I get nothing else!”

We get it, Ella. We really do. Almost 13,000 people also agree in terms of YouTube views, and on Facebook, the adorable video has been viewed 23 million times.

For her first time, I’d say she did pretty well. Don’t give up, Ella, and keep practicing that wink.

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