This Game Show Has Men Guess If Women Are “Fat Or Pregnant”

It’s an unspoken rule of society decency not to assume a heavy woman is pregnant (or vice versa), but a new Dutch game show spins that rule on its head to create the new TV experience that nobody asked for, roughly translated to Bring Your Bathing Suit.

Bring Your Bathing Suit is a satirical show that aired last weekend in the Netherlands and featured a segment where male contestants were told to guess whether women were fat or pregnant. It was supposed to be…funny.

Of course, because it is 2017, and I like to think that we’ve matured just *slightly* beyond that form of cruel, infantile humor and fat-shaming, the segment caused a swift and overpowering uproar online.

From an objective PR standpoint, assembling a group of male panelists to judge women’s bodies is — are you guys listening? — generally not a good idea. A woman’s appearance and physical stature is entirely her business, and this game show brings forth an unappealing combo of both body-shaming and insensitivity that is not even a little bit funny.

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