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One Badass Sixth Grader Broke Her School’s Dress Code In The Best Way Ever

Molly Neuner Dress code


The idea of dress codes being completely ridiculous has been heard numerous times, but one independent young girl didn’t believe that her middle school had adequately acknowledged the antiquated policies. After being scolded in public for wearing a racerback tank top to class earlier in the week, sixth grader Molly Neuner decided to break her school’s dress code again, this time with a message.

She wore a different tank top and wrote “#IAmNotADistraction” down her arm in marker. She told Press Herald that despite the fact that she was publicly humiliated for wearing something harmless, it led her to purposely break the sexist dress code again.

Press Herald

Portland’s public schools aren’t specific with their dress code on tank tops. “Schools may prohibit dress which causes a material and substantial disruption of the school and/or is so distractive as to interfere with the learning process but may not impose limitations on dress in which fashion or taste is the sole criterion,” said Superintendent Xavier Botana. He told Press Herald that he believes that the dress code rules need a bit of tweaking. “I would be hard-pressed to understand how the size of a strap makes a substantial and material disruption,” Botana said.

Press Herald

At the end of the day on Wednesday, Principal Caitlin LeClair of King Middle School met with Molly and her parents and mentioned how the school will be adjusting the dress code regulations by the end of the year and that the current dress code will remain until then.


Proud of her action, Molly told the press, “I’m happy they’re going to look at it, but I want to make sure they really do it.”

As a leader of the crowd, 20 other girls broke the dress code on Wednesday and Thursday to stand up for Molly and their rights. “It was so cool to see everyone doing it,” she said.

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