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Brave Man Announces He Is Not Dating ‘Hot Women’ Anymore, Twitter Responds

Open relationship

Anetlanda / Shutterstock

This week in male fragility, the New York Post profiled a man in an article entitled: “Why I Won’t Date Hot Women Anymore,” and honestly, that title is more than enough to form judgment on.

Still, it gets better. Courageous hero 40-year-old Dan Rochkind decided to stop dating model-esque women because, wait for it: they can’t “carry a conversation.”

“Beautiful women…get full of themselves,” he said in the article, because all women are 100% the same, and beauty and brains are mutually exclusive (yes, I’m editorializing, but barely.)

Now he’s engaged to a non-model, who is “merely beautiful.” You really can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Thankfully, because Twitter exists, he was called the hell out.

*thanks God yet again that Twitter exists*

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