This Is The Best State For Women To Live & Work In

As convincing at those Internet trolls (read: acne-clad boys in their mother’s dank basements) may be, if you both recognize the necessity for gender equality and are disillusioned at when exactly it will finally be achieved, you are not alone.

After all, masses of pink-clad women did not bus to D.C. in January for a sightseeing visit.

Still, some states are more advanced than others in terms of women’s rights, the gender pay gap, and generally valuing women as people, and it pays to know which ones they are.

MoveHub recently conducted a study examining which U.S. states offer the best quality of life for women. MoveHub based this on a number of factors, including the gender pay gap, political representation in the state legislature, access to health insurance, education equality, reproductive rights, and incidences of violence against women by men.

Researchers combined rankings to present one overall score for each state, and the best place to live as a woman is (drumroll please)…


Yeah, okay, I’m down. *starts packing suitcase*

Other top states for women to live are Vermont, Minnesota, Illinois, and Maryland. The worst states for women to live in are Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, and Mississippi. (As Refinery29 pointed out, this isn’t exactly surprising, considering Oklahoma recently introduced a bill requiring pregnant women to seek “permission” from the man who impregnated them to get an abortion.)

States with fewer women in legislature also scored lower in other fields, demonstrating that, yes, of course, representation matters.

So if you’re planning to move cross-country after graduation or you’re considering living in a state you’ve never been to before, check its ranking in this study. It could, at the very least, change your salary.

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