What Your Favorite Swimsuit Style Says About You

I love hot weather. It’s the best time to show off your style out on the streets, but even more so on the beach. Although it’s only spring, it’s not a bad idea to start planning your swimwear looks for summer. If you think about it, there are a ton of swimwear trends to choose from. Are you the type to gravitate towards the classic bikini? Or do you have the guts to pull off a sexy cut-out ensemble? Regardless, your personality might just have something to do with what kind of swimwear you prefer. I know I rocked the tankini for a long while before I gained the confidence to go for a bikini. It made me wonder if there was some deeper meaning into how we pick our outfits for the beach.

Of course, all of this has no scientific backing. This is all for some good fun and a way to think about just why you love your swimsuit. Here’s our rough and mostly entertaining analysis of what your favorite swimsuit style says about you.


You’re probably the “most prepared” one in your friend group. You’re ready for any situation and there may be times when you maintain traditional values, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun. In fact, you’re the one that brought the volleyball, the Frisbee and the extra sunscreen. Even though other girls are showing more skin, you aren’t intimidated or threatened. You know that you don’t need to be flashy or showy to turn heads.


A lot of girls wear bikinis at the beach, but you’re too busy having fun to compare swimsuits. You’re not afraid to take risks and you tend to be the more spontaneous one in your group, especially if you’re the type to mix and match your bikini sets. No amount of summer heat or cold water is going to stop you because you’re on a mission to have a ton of fun at the beach. You’re confident in your own skin and can be quite daring when the situation arises. In fact, you’re probably the first one in the water, leaving your friends in the dust.


You might be a bit more relaxed or modest compared to your friends. While everyone is admiring the water and making friends with strangers, you stick close to what’s familiar and comfortable. While you might not be as fully confident outwardly, you still know how to have a blast on the beach, whether it be playing in the water or reading under an umbrella.


When you’re rocking this look, you are a goddess on the sand and in the sea. If you’re confident when wearing a swimsuit with cut-outs, you’re extremely adventurous and very sociable. People love to talk to you and you thrive on the attention. When you go out, heads turn your way and some people might even want to take pictures. Most likely you’ve already taken twenty selfies before even getting in the water. By the end of the day, all those awkward tan lines are worth it in your book.

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