10 Hilarious Coachella Tweets That’ll Brighten Your Monday

Whether you attended Coachella or not, it’s been pretty impossible to avoid it this weekend. From Radiohead’s disastrous set to Bey’s back-out to Amber Rose casually riding a bike straight through the crowd, this year’s festival has proven to be quite a spectacle, especially among Twitter users.

So, if you have serious FOMO,  just need something to laugh at this Monday or you’re bored AF and want your boss to think you’re working, here are 10 of the best Coachella tweets of 2017 (so far).

1. She’s literally wearing a thong on her head.

2. Will the real Ashley please stand up?


3. Weight loss hack.

4. He’s just bitter.

5. Casual AF.


6. Again with the #WhiteGirl names.

7. So… is that a no?

8. Overalls are officially back in style.

9. Or not…

10. Serious #FOMO

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