10 Music Festival Fashion Trends To Try This Summer

Now that the weather is warming up, musical festivals are right around the corner. Music festivals are not just exciting to us because we get to be outside with friends, laughing and dancing around to some great artists, but we also get to dress up. And by dress up, I mean SERIOUSLY dress up.


Music festival fashion is so expressive and beautiful. We don’t normally walk around rocking these types of looks, but if you find yourself inspired or headed out to a festival, here are the top 10 trends you need to consider when deciding your look for the day.

1. Metallic Temporary Tattoos

This will give an immediate accessory to any outfit. Girls love to cover their hands, arms and necks with these, allowing them to totally channel their inner gypsy vibes.


2. The Faux Lip Ring

It only takes two seconds to do this look, made popular by Kim Kardashian. Just apply a bold color and wipe an even line down the middle of your bottom lip. It gives the illusion of a lip ring and is super edgy.

3. Bright Prints & Bold Belts

Can you say stunning? This look is completely Coachella, even though her shorts and top are pretty simple, because of the two great pieces she layered with. This is a great option for someone not looking to go crazy, but still be a part of the vibe.


4. Fringe

One of the most popular festival trends because a music fest is one of the only places we can probably pull this off. Fringe it up!


5. Lace Pants & Cropped Tops

Lace pants or lace shorts are giving us total boho chic, especially when paired with a cute crop top.


6. Stellar Shades & Floppy Hats

Keep your face out of the sun in a super stylish way.


7. Braids & Flowers

There are so many cool ways to braid your hair now. To make it extra festival-ready, throw in some fresh flowers.


8. Face & Hair Bedazzling

Either add jewels or sparkles to give yourself an alien glitter goddess look. Who wouldn’t stop and stare?

9. Bold Jewelry

The more jewelry, the better. Cover your fingers in rings, wrists in bangles and add a stunning piece to your neck.


10. Colored Hair

Thankfully, there are a ton of options for temporary hair color out there now. So, if you’re in the mood to pull a Kylie Jenner and change up your color for the day, then try this out.


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