Justin Bieber Singing In Spanish Is The Medicine You Didn’t Know You Needed





Get ready, Beliebers. Justin is back with a brand new collaborative track featuring Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The remixed song, “Despacito,” which was originally released in January, was dropped on April 17, surprising the entire Bieber nation in a seriously good way.

The “Despacito” remix features the Biebs singing in Spanish for the first time, and let me tell you, it’s muy caliente #Swoon.


Last week, Justin’s talent manager Scooter Braun teased the collaboration on Instagram with a caption that read, “The world has no idea!! @justinbieber.” And apparently, he was right.


Listen, fall in love, replay, repeat.

Translation (not like we really need one).

Not sure what he’s saying? Here’s a translation:


Come on over in my direction
So thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah
Turn every situation into Heaven, yeah
Oh, you are
My sunrise on the darkest day
Got me feelin’ some kind of way
Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly
You fit me, tailor-made love, how you put it on
Got the only key, know how to turn it on
The way you nibble on my ear, the only words I wanna hear
Baby take it slow so we can last long

Chorus (in English): 

I want to breathe your neck slowly
Let me tell you things in your ears
So that you remember when you’re not with me
I want to strip you off with kisses slowly
Sign the walls of your labrynth
And make your whole body a manuscript
Turn it up turn it up….. turn it up, turn it up

Chorus (in Spanish): 

Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito
Deja que te diga cosas al oído
Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo
Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito
Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto
Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito
(Sube, sube, sube
Sube, sube)

Twitter’s reaction (priceless):

Justin’s Twitter fans can’t stop, won’t stop.



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