Starbucks Is Proving That Unicorns Are Real With Their New Frappuccino

We always see those colorful, sparkly Starbucks drinks on Instagram or Pinterest and wonder if those drinks actually exist. Out of curiosity and the eagerness to get our hands on these drinks, we search far and wide to see if it’s true. Most of the time, those glittery, galaxy-themed drinks aren’t obtainable. But we know for sure that this magical Starbucks drink is for real.

Sometime in early April, rumors spread that Starbucks would soon release an extraordinarily vibrant Unicorn Frappuccino. All those rumors have spoken the truth, because Starbucks is actually creating such a drink. Baristas have reported about testing out the recipe for weeks now and the highly-requested drink is finally getting some room on the menu.

Sure, the drink’s appearance is utterly mesmerizing, but does it taste just how it looks? Supposedly, according to one barista, the Unicorn Frap consists of mango creme, pink powder, sour blue syrup and we cannot forget the whipped cream on top. And to make the drink even more magical, they sprinkle the top with blue and pink powder (aka unicorn dust). Even though this barista mentioned that the sweetness to the drink was a bit overbearing, he added that it reminded him of a mango smoothie.

Mark your dates, because the Unicorn Frappuccino is releasing sooner than you think, April 19 from what multiple baristas have said, while others have said April 20. Either way, find out from your local Starbucks so you can be the first few to post your stunning, eye-candy drink on social media and make your followers super jealous.

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