Ben & Jerry’s Is Combining Tacos & Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s has always been pretty quirky when it comes to ice cream flavors. For the past few years, Ben & Jerry’s has been coming up with creative ways for stoners and non-stoners alike to celebrate 4/20. This year, the Vermont-based ice cream company is continuing that streak.

Don’t get me wrong. They are NOT releasing a new marijuana-infused flavor and calling it a “Banana Spliff.” And they are definitely not releasing a new strain of ice cream-flavored weed. Instead, this year they are releasing every stoner’s dream meal… with a twist.

Ben & Jerry’s is introducing the Chill-aco, a genius taco and ice cream hybrid, on April 20. The Chill-aco is a delicious frozen treat in the shape of a taco. The Chill-aco will be made with two scoops of any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors your heart desires. And if that wasn’t enough, the two scoops will be nestled inside two crunchy waffle cones layered in the shape of a taco shell. Between the two shells is a coat of gooey caramel. We all know a taco is not complete without toppings so on top of those scoops there will be a drizzle of fudge and cookie crumbs sprinkled all over it.

Hardcore B&J’s fans may recognize the Chill-aco as a new interpretation of the BRR-ito, which was offered at Scoop Shops last year. What makes this year’s treat stand on its own is the layer of caramel between the two waffle cone shells. Alison Gilbert, the senior brand manager for global Scoop Shop, said in recent press release, “The crunch of the taco, the layer of the caramel, and the smoothness of the ice cream makes it the ultimate snacking experience.”

Don’t miss out on the delicious frozen gloriousness that is the new Chill-aco. No matter who you are, it’s always amazing to have two meals in one.

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