Surprising New Study Says Tinder Users Are More Likely To Commit

You might have been avoiding online dating because you’re looking for something serious. It’s a pretty common phenomenon to write off apps like Tinder, Bumble or Grindr because they just don’t seem to bring anything beyond drinks or dinner.

Dating apps and online dating are commonly written off as purely for hookups, but a new study says that the opposite may actually be true… And that isn’t our only misconception about the usual swipe-based apps.

The study states that Tinder users may actually find commitment much easier than the average dater, with 9% of those surveyed saying commitment was not difficult despite the amount of choices in the dating pool. This 9% of committed daters is in comparison to 44% of online daters from apps beyond Tinder and 42% of offline daters.

Surprisingly, online daters may also be more prone to commitment than offline daters. 74% of online daters said they’d had more than one committed relationship as adults, in comparison to 49% of online daters.

Tinder users may actually be pulling a Carrie Bradshaw, and they’re not scared to connect with as many people as possible in search of love… real love.

51% of those who have previously online dated state that they are messaging an average of 2-4 potential dates each week, while only 34% of those offline say the same.

Tinder users are also more likely to say “I love you,” though hopefully not in the first message. 35% of online daters say ILY within the first three months of dating compared to just 30% of offline daters within the same timeframe. 19% of offline daters have never said “I love you” versus 11% of those who have online dated in the past. And unexpectedly, men are actually 7% more likely to have said I love you than women

And no, it’s not all drinks, dates and hookups only to be ghosted. The average amount of time before committing to an exclusive relationship is largely the same for both on and offline daters, with an average of 61% of singles committing within the first three months of dating.

Let’s face it: Whether you’ve embraced them or are still skeptical, dating apps are becoming the norm. And whether you’re looking for your Mr. Big or just wanting to have sex in the city, Tinder may be a viable option. Love, real love, might only be a right swipe away.

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