Here’s Why You’ll Be Swiping Right On Tinder Today

By now, you’re probably coming down from that holiday high and reality has sunk back in. You’ve realized that eating all of those leftovers was a terrible idea, you took a shot too many and you’re disappointed that you didn’t meet your soulmate in the previous hellish year of 2016. If you’re somber about the fact that you’re starting off the new year solo, there’s no better day than today to change all that.


The dating website predicts that dating activity will be 37% higher than average today. 1000 adults who used dating apps were surveyed and it was found that the average user scrolls through about 43 profiles. Men were found to be on the hunt for a companion with a an average search through 47 potential dates while women were at 38.

Users are likely to message around 22 possible suitors but only a third will receive a response. So make every message count! What if you’re a straight female or gay male who usually waits for the other to make the first move? Stats have found that today, men are 19% more likely to respond.

And is there a peak time to log on? It’s 9:00 P.M., when everyone’s home from work, probably done with dinner and getting some downtime. If you message now, you’re essentially planning ahead for the influx of matches and the possible meeting that could come in the coming weeks.


Cheers to finding love (or free food) in 2017!

[H/T Metro]

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