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This Turtle Got A Manicure & We’re Living For It


In the latest weird makeup news, painting animals’ nails has finally expanded past cats, dogs and horses. Meet Juanita, a tiny turtle who just got the manicure of a lifetime.

Juanita’s nails were neatly painted by her owner Kiana, also known as @yagirlkeyy_ on Twitter. Kiana got Juanita on April 7, 2017 and the little turtle has been slaying ever since joining Kiana’s family. Juanita’s fresh nails were shared the day that she was introduced on Twitter.

While Kiana’s nails changed from silver sparkles to yellow, Juanita continues to rock the hot pink look. This pair definitely has the best set of painted nails we’ve seen in a long time. Their killer pictures have gotten over 40 thousand retweets and 100 thousand likes on Twitter. Their social media fame gained Juanita a fellow glam turtle friend.

Important note about painting turtles nails, though. The polish is totally safe to put on their actual nails, but it is toxic if it gets under or inside the shell. Make sure you keep your animal friends safe while making them look killer.

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