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Try Not To Say ‘Awww’ While Looking At These Adorable Pets


Happy National Pet Day! There’s nothing more beloved in our lives than our furry (or hairless, it depends!) friends. When humans let you down, you can take comfort in the fact that the animals in your life never will. You are, quite frankly, their entire world. If your best friend is raging, you can vent to your pet knowing they’ll never judge you. If you’re ever in danger, their innate protective instincts will go into overdrive. Plus, they’ll never flake if you make plans.

With the amount of homeless animals in the world and high rates of euthanasia, it makes it all the more important to treasure the furry friends in our lives. In this digital age, pets are now becoming social media stars. Most of these popular accounts are affiliated with animal charities or raise awareness about important causes.

Enjoy the holiday by gushing over these internet-famous pets. BRB while I go make an Instagram for my dog.

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