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One Inspiring Mom Is Hoping To Open A Hair Salon For People With Disabilities

This Mother Was Inspired To Open A Hair Salon For The Special Needs

GoFundMe / Facebook

The early years of getting haircuts for kids can be a nightmare to both the child and the parent. It’s only natural for anyone to go berserk if a pair of scissors is directed to their head or from the sound of a buzzer by their ear. And it is certainly stressful for parents who deal with this every time they take a trip to the hair salon.

One mother from Minnesota wants to create her very own salon that will be easy and trouble-free for parents — and for those who have children with special needs.

Cat Rongitsch is a mother of two daughters with disabilities. Her oldest daughter has spina bifida and the youngest struggling with developmental delays. She’s certainly aware that going to the hair salon with children with special needs isn’t an easy task. Therefore, she’s decided to put her 10 years of hairstyling to good use and open her own hair salon. Cat is starting off with a GoFundMe campaign to gain help in raising money to build a salon for children and adults with special needs.

And she’s naming the salon Dignified Beauty. So fitting.

“Will the building be accessible? Will there be loud music? Chemical smells? What if I need a break? How will the staff react to my differences? Getting a bad haircut can be low on the list of concerns,” she wrote on the campaign’s website.

She wants to own a hair salon that doesn’t have the same aspects as a regular salon. A calm atmosphere that mainly focuses on the clients in keeping them safe and comfortable.

Cat plans on teaming up with medical professionals to gain advice on the best tools and techniques to use for people with special needs. But before planning ahead, her target goal is to reach $25,000 and she’s at $4,000 as of now. If you’d like to help Cat raise money to help her build a hair salon, visit GoFundMe to donate.

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