‘Life-Size 2’ Is Actually Happening & We Cannot Contain Our Excitement









If Life-Size isn’t on your list of favorite childhood movies then you don’t know anything about anything. But, if the movie is your absolute favorite from the 2000s, we have amazing news just for you. The sequel to Life-Size, something that we’ve all been asking for for years, is finally happening. How do we know this? Well, none other than Tyra Banks posted the best news ever on Twitter on Tuesday.

The movie is slated to premiere in December 2018 on Freeform and it sounds just as magical as the first.

According to Banks, Eve has grown up and is magically awoken to help a young woman learn how to live and love again. Eve will be learning how to be a real person again, including falling in love and becoming a career woman… And there will be a holiday twist.

“She’s more adult now, so the storyline is going to be more adult,” Banks told E! News. “It’s on Freeform which lets you know it’s going to be a little sexier, a little edgier, so a different Eve.”

Banks didn’t provide too many details. “She comes to life in a very interesting way this time,” she hinted.

Despite reviving her role as human-doll Eve, she also announced that she will be returning to host America’s Next Top Model. Banks is definitely coming back into the spotlight and she’s all fired up. And honestly, Banks as the host for Next Top Model was everything — so her return will be a big one.

For Life-Size 2, we’re all still waiting for Lindsay Lohan’s response or if she will be in it, but for now, let’s just appreciate that one of our favorite childhood’s films is making a sequel.

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