Watch This Touching Movie Trailer Turn Into A Surprise Marriage Proposal

Ryan Langston gave cinema screen romances a whole new meaning when he treated his girlfriend, Adrianna Neil, to the best show of her life.

The couple went to see Beauty and the Beast together as an early 26th birthday present. Little did she know that Langston had prepared a very personalized message for her before the movie – a wedding proposal disguised as a movie trailer.

Langston, a 28-year-old graphic animator, said that he’s known Neil for ten years, but they fell in love about a year ago. The two shared a profound love of the cinema, so he thought a fake movie trailer would be the best way to get his feelings across.

“We both love movies or anything that brings an emotional experience, and I wanted to propose in a way that would be memorable,” Langston told The Huffington Post. “I knew I wanted it to be something really special for her.”

I’m sure that make sure the trailer captured their love perfectly was as nerve-wracking as the proposal itself. He worked on this proposal project for at least a month before finally revealing it to her on March 16 at Cinetopia theater in Vancouver, Washington.

The staff was equally as excited and nervous as Langston, and he gave them high praise for helping him pull off the surprise proposal. “They ran the test of the trailer several times that day during intermissions just to make sure it would run without a hitch,” he said. Langston even set up cameras in the theater to capture Neil’s reaction as he dropped down on one knee. We didn’t even need to hear her say yes. That kiss told us all we needed to know.

Following the proposal, Langston and Neil are hoping for a fall wedding sometime in September 2018. Just as the proposal implied, the couple will most likely have their honeymoon in either Italy or Scotland. And of course, they’ll live happily ever after.

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