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Those Iconic Steve Madden Platform Sandals Are Back



Steve Madden

When I was in the 6th grade, I had a favorite outfit. I wore it as often as I could, sometimes more than once a week, and my mom had to plead with me to “think about gym class” so I wouldn’t wear it on Tuesdays, advice I usually ignored.

Allow me to describe it for you. This stunning ensemble featured muddy brown gauchos (do you remember gauchos? Those satin-y swaying horrendous cut-off yoga pant predecessors?) paired with an oversized jean jacket, a beaded pink top from Limited Too, and a pair of Steve Madden platform sandals. It was très chic. I was Queen of the Playground (I was not, incidentally, queen of the playground.)

Now, Steve Madden is taking us back to the ’90s by recycling these signature trendy wedge sandals, and they look nearly identical to the ones you remember — with a few small improvements.

The new shoes have a rim to better hold your feet in place, and an entirely flat heel, Bustle reports, and you can get them for $69.95 for pre-order on Steve Madden’s website.

This will match perfectly with my choker, bodysuit, and ~edgy~ plaid skirt.

Please don’t let gauchos be next!

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