2017’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs, According To WalletHub


Entry-level jobs

With graduation just a few weeks away, it’s probably a good idea to start looking at the job market. Today, the personal-finance website WalletHub released a report on 2017’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs. So, in hopes of making your job search a little easier, here’s the top 10 best and worst entry-level positions for 2017.

In order to find the best and the worst first-timer jobs, Wallethub’s analysts compared¬†109 entry-level positions based on 12 key metrics that fit into three main categories – Immediate Opportunity (40 points), Growth Potential (40 points) and Job Hazards (20 points).

Top 10 Entry-Level Jobs

  1. Engineer I
  2. Systems Engineer I
  3. Architect I
  4. Web Applications Developer I
  5. Electrical Engineer I
  6. Safety Representative I
  7. Training Specialist I
  8. Software Engineer I
  9. Electronics Engineer I
  10. Chemical Engineer I

Bottom 10 Entry-Level Jobs

  1. Sheetmetal Mechanic I
  2. Machinist I
  3. Carpenter I
  4. Aircraft Painter I
  5. Automotive Mechanic I
  6. Tool and Die Maker  I
  7. Plumber I
  8. Boilermaker I
  9. Floor Assembler I
  10. Welder I

Quick Takeaways

  • Tax attorneys have the highest median starting salary, $93, 899, which is 5.8 times higher than that of a college teaching assistant.
  • Benefits administrators have the longest median tenure with their employers, 6.3 years, which is two times higher than that of a certified occupational-therapy assistant.
  • While web-application developers and software engineers are among the top 10 entry-level jobs, computer operators have the grimmest job outlook, with 19 percent of jobs in the field projected to be cut by 2024.
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