Man Falsifies Terror Threat To Avoid Vacationing With His Girlfriend

Juggling a wife and a girlfriend on the side is hard enough. Trying to avoid meeting said-girlfriend in person? Let’s just say there were easier ways to go about this. In a horrible attempt at getting out of a vacation with his girlfriend, a man decided to shut down an entire airport by sending false information to security.

32-year-old Motaparthi Varnshi Krishna of Hyderabad, India was in the middle of an affair with a Chennai woman when she wanted to take their relationship a step further. She planned a romantic holiday trip to the state of Goa,┬ábut Krishna wasn’t feeling it. When he claimed he didn’t have enough money for the trip, his girlfriend insisted. So, what did he do to get out of his sticky situation?

Faked a terrorist threat.

This was the email he sent:

Krishna created a new email address and used it to report a hijacking plot that he “overheard” to airport authorities. He said that he heard six men planning to hijack flights at airports in Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Originally, Krishna just wanted those flights to be disrupted, but he should have realized that plane hijacking is a matter of life and death. Airport chiefs ordered security to be on high alert while police traced his IP address. He was then arrested in his home in the Miyapur area of Hyderabad.

Further investigation led police to learn that Krishna had a history of cyber crime. He would often lead other women on and convince them that he would marry them despite already being married.

Krishna is now being prosecuted under section 182 of the Indian penal code for giving false information to a public servant, causing misuse of lawful power and injury to another person.

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