One Hilarious Grandma Is Owning the Internet, One Pong Shot At A Time

If you don’t know about Ross Smith’s Instagram, then you probably don’t know about his hilarious grandma. Pauline Kana, Smith’s 90-year-old grandma, is up for any and all shenanigans Smith is up to, and even imparts her long-earned wisdom from time to time. Don’t let her age or frail demeanor fool you. She’s a bonafide badass and plays some mean beer pong.

These partners in crime can also be found on multiple Try Not to Laugh Challenges on YouTube. It’s not surprising considering how charmingly funny this grandma can be with her millennial grandson. Fans love her witty jokes and her non-judgmental reactions to whatever goes on around her.

These are some of our favorite Instagram photos from Smith and his grandma.

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