This Instagram Eyebrow Trend Isn’t Exactly On Fleek

The newest beauty trends are giving eyebrows the spotlight and it’s definitely interesting… and totally unique. Since eyebrows come in various shapes and sizes, people shape them up however best suits their face. Some people might fill them in to look thicker and there are other people who tattoo or microblade their eyebrows. How about shaping them to look like feathers or barbed wires?

This just added to the list of what eyebrows can do, and it all started from the creative trend of feathered eyebrows. Makeup artist Stella Sironen introduced feather eyebrows in an Instagram post about two weeks ago after she managed to create feather-looking eyebrows. The beauty world nearly lost their minds because of how bizarrely beautiful the look was.

Even though Sironen’s feather eyebrows became an instant trending hit, she wasn’t the first makeup artist to be creative with her eyebrows. Makeup artist Athena Paginton showcased barbed wire eyebrows further back from the feather look.

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Barbed wire brow

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Rather than separating your eyebrows into two to look like feathers, Paginton’s trick to recreate the barbed wire look involved giving your eyebrows spikes going up and down. Just like the feather trend, barbed wire eyebrows are about to be huge in the beauty world.

Would you try these bold and bizarre brow looks?

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