Happy Wednesday, Chipotle Is Adding Dessert To Its Menu







You know those days when you just wake up in a good mood? Yep, me either! The alarm goes off at 7:00 A.M., snooze is pressed several times and if it’s a Wednesday, it’s not uncommon for me to release a groan so guttural it can only be heard by a few species of dogs.

Luckily, Chipotle is here to fix that. And the best remedy in the case of most problems is dessert.

The Mexican chain is releasing its own buñuelos, a traditional dessert that’s made of fried tortillas (yes) tossed in sugar (YES), cinnamon (YES!) and honey (#BLESSED), along with a caramel dipping sauce.

Feast your eyes.


This will be the first major menu change since last October’s addition of chorizo. The 20-year-old company teased its new offering in January and will now offer the confection in limited restaurant locations. If all goes well, the treat will be found at all Chipotle locations.

Despite its past downfalls and controversies, this could be the much-needed change Chipotle needs to reinvigorate itself. It reported a drop in stock over the past quarters, but if there’s anything known to brighten everyone’s day on a nationwide scale, it’s a good dessert.

For now, sit tight. Let’s hope Chipotle will soon make every day a good one with the help of a delicious dessert everywhere.

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