Amazing Barbie Parody Shows The Harsh Truth Behind Commuting IRL

Finally, a Barbie doll that actually understands what real women go through on their daily commute.

Okay, fine. It’s not a real Barbie but this parody Commuter Barbie has the daily grind down to a T. You don’t have to be from New York City to appreciate the struggle.

Everything about this video is so accurate, from the headphones to blocking out cat calls right down to the misspelling on the Starbucks cup. If you use public transportation then you definitely laughed at “MetroCard sold separately and subject to random fare hikes.”

Commuter Barbie puts everything that you’ve seen on the subway into perspective.

Why do commuters all wear Canada Goose jackets and have a bag from the Strand? Does anybody actually enjoy reading The New Yorker or is it all just some stereotype that New Yorkers feel pressured to give into? Starbucks definitely knows how to do business since their stores are always a maximum of a minute away from the stations.

Who knows? But honestly, the two girls narrating Commuter Barbie’s experiences are the best part of the video. I love watching little girls put into perspective what women have to go through, explaining everything from annoying manspreaders on the train to their bosses constantly putting off and rescheduling their reviews at work.

They also gave the best advice for any female commuter out there: “Lean in and claim your space.”

Will do, Commuter Barbie. Will do.

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