Starbucks’ Dragon Frappuccino Is About To Take Over Social Media

Admit it, you were all hyped up about Starbucks’ new Unicorn Frappuccino before actually tasting it. And now you hate it, along with everyone else. As magical and pretty as the Unicorn Frappe looked, it was a total disappointment. But don’t be bummed out just yet, because Starbucks isn’t letting this slide so easily. Instead, they’re making it up to us and creating another mythical drink.

The DRAGON Frappuccino — cue a burnt Daenerys Targaryen rising from the ashes.

After Starbucks hyped us all up with their letdown of a frappe, they made it a mission to invent another vibrant and mystical drink, but even better. No more playing around and hurting my feelings, because a Dragon Frappe sounds much tastier than the Unicorn Frappe.

According to HelloGiggles, a satisfied customer mentioned on Instagram that the frappe consists of “a green tea frap with vanilla bean powder and some berry cup swirl,” giving the drink a beautiful swirl of green and purple. And of course, they’re topping the frappe with limited-edition mango sprinkles, but we’ll just call them the Unicorn Frappe’s ashes.


So far the biggest reported plus of the taste is its minimal sweetness. Also, Starbucks will be adding caffeine to the drink, which is always a bonus to me. All we have to do now is convince Starbucks to make the Dragon Frappe available everywhere.

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