Sony Allegedly Says Goodbye To Dr. Luke As Kesha’s Legal Battle Continues

After pressure from several notable figures in the entertainment industry and the general public alike, it seems as though Sony has parted ways with the controversial Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke, born Lukasz Gottwald, is embroiled in a long, bitter legal battle with Kesha, after the singer alleged that the producer and founder of Sony’s Kemosabe Records abused her, sexually assaulted her and otherwise dehumanized┬áher.

In court documents expanded upon by The Hollywood Reporter, Sony says that Gottwald is no longer affiliated with the company, nor does he have the position to act on its behalf. This comes after the trending power of #FreeKesha and a lot of industry admonishing from other Hollywood music giants.

Gottwald does have contractual obligations to finish out, so he’s not entirely off of Sony’s roster, but as of now, it’s a major victory in the battle for Kesha’s music and mental health.

Sony also removed a webpage dedicated to Gottwald on its website, distancing itself even further from him.

In previous legal proceedings, Kesha had provided email evidence of Gottwald’s abuse, including a message in which he referred to her as a “refrigerator.” Kesha was forced to seek rehabilitation, claiming that the bulk of her disorders were due to the constant body shaming and harassment by Gottwald.

“I almost killed myself in the process,” Kesha said of enduring and withering away at the hands of the producer, who she claims she attempted to part ways from at the chagrin of the label.

Eventually, the singer completed rehab and began her fight to win back her career and her life. As Gottwald’s reputation was completely shattered, more and more people took notice of Kesha’s strife. Kelly Clarkson spoke out about her own alarming experiences with Dr. Luke and both protests and petitions reaffirmed her experience. Kesha toured, made appearances and gave emotional┬áspeeches about moving forward as a survivor, using her platform to help others.

Gottwald filed his petition against Kesha, claiming that she defamed him. Unfortunately, Sony’s separation from Gottwald could actually harm her in the long run, at least legally. This could serve as further fodder for his response lawsuit in proving that his livelihood has been damaged by rape allegations.

No matter what, we hope Kesha remains strong and that industry professionals have received a clear message in maintaining the human treatment of their artists.

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