This Amazing Throwback Video Of ‘Petty’ Victoria Justice Is Now A Meme

An old video interview of former Victorious co-stars Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande has emerged online this week, reviving the decades-old rumor that the two women didn’t exactly get along on-set.

In the video clip, Victorious cast-mate Elizabeth Gillies gushes about Grande’s singing voice, while the future pop star stands humble and smiling.

“She sings everything,” Gillies explained, laughing.

After a few seconds of listening to this, Justice bursts out, clearly unable to restrain herself: “I think we ALL sing.”

The Internet is collectively freaking out over Justice’s outburst, which everyone has dubbed the very definition of pettiness. It’s even better in retrospect, since we have all come to watch Grande transform into the ponytail-whipping, eyeliner-winging, certifiable pop sensation she is today.

Of course, being Twitter, people couldn’t just laugh at the video and move on, and instead swept the quote into an enormous, far-reaching meme.

While the video (and subsequent memes) are entertaining as hell, it’s important to remember that as much as we can surmise a negative relationship between the two women, we do not have any concrete information — and it’s never useful to pit women against one another or to invents feuds that never existed.

One thing is abundantly clear: Ariana emerges victorious.

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