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This Teen’s Mom Wanted To Disown Him For Wearing Makeup




Jauan Durbin is a freshman at Morehouse College. He’s also a sensational makeup artist — and he knows it.

Durbin’s social feeds are filled with stunning highlighters, sculpted brows, and lush lashes, and he wasn’t willing to give up his best canvass — himself — even if it’s unpopular with those around him.

Recently, Durbin tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation between him and his mom that collectively broke Twitter’s heart. Durbin’s mother texted him a screenshot of his own (objectively stunning) makeup, writing:  “I do not approve of this bullshyt. Wth is wrong with u. I am so disappointed. U are a male wth do u have on eyelashes, eyebrows and makeup. I’m completely done.”

“Ok,” Durbin answered simply.

“Lol, this hurts,” he captioned his tweet, “It really does. But I’m going to live in my truth until the day that I die.”

His tweet garnered 15,000 likes, and — more importantly — meant the world to people who saw it, inspiring them to stand up for who they are as well.

“How could anyone be disappointed w a highlight & cut crease like that,” one user wrote. Many others reached out to Durbin with their own parental struggles and journeys to be themselves, even if they aren’t accepted for it.

Fortunately, Durbin’s story does have a happy ending.

“My mom has seen everything that’s going on and realized that I was kinda getting hurt by it,” he told Refinery29. “She’s affirmed me and told me that she was just nervous about what people would perceive me as because of the makeup.”

What we perceive is a strong, talented teen who is confident in who he is.

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