This ‘Titanic’ Theory Could Make You (Marginally) Less Upset About The Ending

The Titanic, 20 years later, remains one of the most upsetting films of the 90s, not because it has a tragic ending, but because there was absolutely, non-negotiably enough room for Jack on that board.

As the unsinkable ship crashes into the watery depths below, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) sacrifices himself, allowing Rose (Kate Winslet) to wedge herself on the tiny wooden door while he freezes to death in an act of true love — except that door isn’t really that tiny?

It’s a detail that has plagued fans for decades, making the film (for many) almost unwatchable without fighting the urge to cry out, sending the half-eaten bowl of cheese puffs askew: “SEE? Do you see? Okay, look at the size of the door. LOOK AT IT! It’s massive! And he doesn’t even try to get on it. Are you watching? He should try to get on after she’s on and balance. He doesn’t even try! Seriously, look. Look at the size of the door! Yes, calm down, I’ll rewind it.”

A year-old fan theory on Reddit that Buzzfeed uncovered may have the answer.

The Reddit user poses that Rose was so unhappy with her despicable fiance while on the Titanic (understandable) that she created Jack as a figment of her imagination. Jack appears when Rose is about to jump off the boat to her death to save her, giving her the courage and spirit to live on her own terms.

At the end of the film, there is no record that Jack ever boarded the Titanic, and Rose says, musingly: “He exists now… only in my memory.”

It is a tempting theory. After all, the notion that Jack was a peaceful, beautiful part of Rose’s imagination that saved her life seems almost less devastating than her losing him entirely.



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