Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Sequel Idea Is So On-Brand

If Emma Watson, Belle, and Hermione Granger all coexisted in the same universe, the three women would undoubtedly have a book club together. Emma would share her feminist prose. Belle would at first reject any book that didn’t have a happy ending, but through the others’ coaxing, she would gradually come around. Hermione would teach the others about Muggle-born rights, house-elf slavery, and the ubiquity of oppressed groups, regardless of the world we live in. It would be a stunning meeting of the strong-willed, powerful female minds.

Watson loves to bring her feminism and her sense of self into the characters she plays, so it’s no surprise they have similarities. In a recent interview, she revealed her idea for Belle’s imagined future in Beauty and the Beast — and it fits both the character (and herself) seamlessly.

“I always thought Belle would become a teacher, and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village,” Watson told Access Hollywood‘s Scott Evans Wednesday. “This was where I was going!”

Watson had no idea fans were clamoring for a sequel to Beauty and the Beast, despite its box office-shattering sales. Still, she quickly agreed that she would be excited about the idea of playing Belle again, especially if her character were able to act as a librarian and a teacher for the provincial town.

Say it with me: “On-brand.”

And while Watson herself would probably never deign to use the phrase, her pattern of bringing literary, bold, ambitious characters to life on-screen is nothing short of extraordinary.

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