You & Your S.O. May Never Be As Attached As This Couple

I’ve seen the whole nine yards of couple selfies, from hand-holding to cuddling in bed. After seeing it all, I have to admit that there’s something beautiful about two people staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. One cute couple took it one step further by completely starting a whole new trend in selfies.

Say hello to Madison and Josh Lovell, a married couple hailing from Chicago, Illinois.

Josh is currently in the Navy and was scheduled to depart for eight months in Hawaii. Since they wouldn’t see each other for quite some time, Madison was determined to make some memories with her husband. Let me tell you now that they aren’t your ordinary couple. In fact, during one of their bonding sessions, we were given this “interesting” photo of them.

You can guess who is who in this very… intimate stare-off.

The photo was originally tweeted by Madison’s sister, who is unsurprisingly confused about the power couple. Madison didn’t even get a chance to see the tweet due to a little feature called “Block User.”

“My sister has me blocked on her page, so I haven’t seen anything,” Madison told Buzzfeed News. “I asked her to unblock me and she said, ‘No it’s sacred.'”

Just hours after posting, the photo received thousands of retweets and other couples are copying the trend. I don’t know what’s so romantic about knotting your hoodie strings together and staring through the hole, but apparently others are doing it anyway.

Looks like Madison and Josh aren’t the only weird couples out there. In fact, some users were in on the trend years before they tried it out. The strangeness of the photo has Twitter calling it an example of #goals and true love.

“We’re just crazy,” Madison told Buzzfeed. “We’re joking around with each other and laughing about 96% of the time.”

That’s okay, Madison. Being crazy is totally better than being normal. And if you can find someone as crazy as you to try this, they’re a keeper.

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