This Teen Made Her Prom Dress The Night Before & Everyone Is Freaking Out

When it comes to senior prom, many high schoolers take the event seriously and look for their dresses months before. Some schools even have Facebook pages for girls to post what their dresses will look like so no one buys the same dress — that’s how seriously they take it. But not everyone knows what they’re wearing to prom months before.

17-year-old Shami Oshun decided to make her dress the night before the event. Don’t expect a poorly-made dress that isn’t fitted properly or that has terrible material, because this high schooler literally blew everyone’s mind with her dress design.

For only $15, Oshun remade an old dress into a high-end looking gown. It’s a strapless purple dress with a floor-length purple tulle. She even sewed stunning dark purple flowers on the train of her dress.

We’re not finished here yet.

Midway through the prom, Oshun decided to literally chop off the bottom half of her dress, because the flowers were too heavy. Thought she ruined her dress? You thought wrong, because the new look she gave to her dress was equally as beautiful as the first look.

If this girl ever gets into designing dresses, I’m buying.

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