You Can Create Lip Smacker’s Newest Flavor & Relive Your Childhood

Beloved childhood lip balm creator Lip Smackers has clung to relevance through the years with all the ingenuity and persistence of a child asking their parent to please, please, buy the new flavor at the checkout counter, it’s cotton candy, and it looks so good, and now the brand is turning to crowdsourcing.

The ’90s lip balm maker is inviting fans from around the world to apply to be their new “tastemaker,” who will have the consequential, far-reaching task of creating a new flavor.

“Lip Smacker is looking for someone with GOOD TASTE, a real fire for FLAVOR… we’re looking for our first TASTEMAKER!,” the brand’s Instagram says. “Wow us with your suggestion—and we will make it come to life!”

And, don’t worry: the “winning flavor” will be featured, “with your name in the credits!” (As it should be.)

The prizes? Aside from how often you will regularly be stopped on the street, lips refreshed, by crazed fans crying out, “YOU CHANGED MY LIFE WITH YOUR LIP BALM FLAVOR” before passing out from sheer excitement, your limited-edition flavor will be sold everywhere, and you’ll get a giant version of the tube you helped create.

Honestly, I am most interested in the giant Lip Smackers tube part of the prize.

If you’re looking to confuse and bewilder employers by adding “Lip Smacker Official Tastemaker 2017” to your resume, you can submit your flavor idea by commenting on the Lip Smacker Instagram photo here or by posting your own Insta, and tagging the brand.

Or you can procrastinate on your work or homework by scrolling through others’ submissions, which is equally riveting. Sugar cane soda pop, cookies n cream éclair, and berry kiwi pie have all been suggested.

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