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This Sticker Hair Trend Will Bring Back The ’90s Nostalgia


So far, 2017 has been introducing really creative hair trends in the name of expression. From pastel-colored hair to bleach blonde buzzcuts and glitter roots, the possibilities are endless to give your hair a new look. Summer is around the corner and all these hairstyles are perfect to play around with during the sunny season.

And now there’s sticker hair.

Even though sticker hair sounds like a sticky mess, it’s actually the cutest hair trend by far. NYC hairstylist Allen Thomas Wood came up with the adorable look by posting a photo of a model on his Instagram with the front part of her hair filled with tiny, cute Japanese stickers. On the post, he mentions how he used the tail of the comb to press each sticker on her hair smoothly.

Sticker hair is just the beginning of larger and more unique hair trends to make 2017 the year for hair styles. Would you rock this?

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