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McDonald’s Made A French Fry Fork & We’re McLovin’ It


Forget about that summer diet, McDonald’s has done it again. Starting May 5, you can now get this french fry fork or “the Frork,” as they have dubbed it, with the purchase of their new Signature Craft Recipe sandwiches. To announce the release of their new menu items, McDonald’s teamed up with famed infomercial host Anthony Sullivan to tell the world the news.

The Frork may be “superfluous” (as McDonald’s describes it), but it’s certainly going to enhance your sandwich eating experience. The Frork was specifically designed to help customers eat every last bite of the Signature Craft Recipe sandwiches.

The new menu items are customizable burgers and chicken sandwiches that feature flavors like “Pico Guacamole,” “Sweet BBQ Bacon” and “Maple Bacon Dijon.” Enter the Frork, which is used to scrape up any guac or other toppings that fall out of the burger while eating.


And of course, you can get the sandwiches and Frork at a bargain price, costing between $4.99 and $5.19. And if you want to be even thriftier, the mock infomercial ad features a toll-free number that gives callers a chance to get a free Frork or a coupon for a free Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich.

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